Thursday, February 28, 2013

Songudamunt Contest: Feb 2013

... or as we lovingly call it ...

"The Stumpy"
In honor of multiple month Award Winner
Scott "Stumpy Chicken Arm" Rath

THE ENTRIES (Click title links below to listen)

* Each member can submit one (1) song per month. No more...I suppose you could do less. Not 2 but the number that precedes 2 which is, of course, 1.

* Can be a new work or a vintage work from back in the day.

* Can be an original song or a cover (but voters may lean a bit toward original works unless your version of Mungo Jerry's "In the Summertime" is just a mind blower...).

* The submitter must be either (a) the writer of the song (or co-writer) or (b) performed on the recording and your participation must be noted in your submission.

* If the song is not an instrumental, lyrics must be included in the submission (so the New Yorkers can follow along).

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"The Station" Nightclub Tragedy ... 10 Years On

Today, please pause to remember and honor those who left us, those who survived, and those families and friends still enduring the pain of their loss.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


With the intentional mispelling of the Shakespearian name, McBeth formed in 1977 and played throughout the seacoast, from Northern MA to Southern ME .. booked constantly in the 3 yrs we remained together.

McBeth decided to call it quits in 1979, when James' first daughter was born and he believed (erroneously) that he needed to be a responsible adult.

With a stellar lineup of 2 lead guitarists, switching off for the sound that best suited the song, Rick Stotler (with his Les Paul for that warm dual humbucker sound ) and Vic Love (with his Rockin Strat) made for a quite enjoyable mix.

The original drummer Dean Irons (Beannie) left in 78 to pursue a more solid lifestyle, with wife and mortgage, and was replaced by a drummer James played with since high school, named Mike Devanna.

Regretfully, McBeth never got around to any originals and, to date, no one has come forward with any recorded shows.


(l to r)
Michael DeVanna, Danny Cormier, Tom Doyle, James Bachesta