Saturday, November 23, 2013

NEMO Band Stories: "ENCORE?"

When I played in Kashmir (, we had a last minute cancellation of a week long gig in Rhode Island and our manager had to scramble to book fill-in gigs for that week.

We ended up with "One-nighter Gig Routing From Hell":

Day 1 - NY: Syracuse
Day 2 - NY: Poughkeepsie
Day 3 - MA: Amesbury
Day 4 - NY: Lyons (out Rochester way)
Day 5 - NH: Dartmouth frat party
Day 6 (Sunday night) - NY: Schuylerville Theatre

Dead tired by the time we got to Schuylerville, we played a tight 4 hour gig to, what turned out to be, an aggressively unresponsive audience. NO DANCING, NO APPLAUSE ... NOTHING.

We finished our last tune and ecstatically went down to the dressing room (beneath the stage) to leave as quickly as possible so we could all get home for our one day off, to recover from the week from hell.

It was then that a dull roar began for an encore and went on for 5 minutes, or so it seemed. The club owner came in to beg us to play some more and when he left, I said to the guys "The only way I'm doing an encore for this shitty crowd is in our underwear!".

The photo above captures that historical moment ...

Tony "TJ" Jones (Bassist)