Friday, May 30, 2014

Mad Angel

1972-1975:  Mad Angel featured three originals members of The Joneses; (guitarists) Jimmy and Joe D'Angelo plus Rob Zicaro (drums).  Donni Thayer (bass) joined the D'Angelo brothers when Marty Norris left DNZ (D'Angelo, Norris, Zicaro).

The new line-up played the same circuit as the up and coming Aerosmith at clubs such as the Red Barn (formerly The Seventh House) in Westboro and The Cricket Lounge in Ashland. 

Jimmy and Joe's dad (Fred) quit his job at the Worcester Post Office to manage the band and drive their converted school bus.

Mad Angel recorded a 45rpm for BASF Records in 1974.  "Can't Run, Can't Hide" was actually the B-side of the record but got more airplay than "Sweet Sleep, Sleep Sweet" which was the A-side.  BASF promoted the record with a Mad Angel billboard on the roof of the Kenmore Club (Katy's) in Kenmore Square.

In August of that year, Mad Angel opened for Aerosmith at a huge outdoor concert at the Westboro Speedway when "Get Your Wings" was released.   Mad Angel broke up in early 1975.  In 1976, Jimmy D'Angelo and Donni Thayer formed Pretty Poison.


The Joneses / DNZ

1967 - 1969:  Jimmy D'Angelo (guitar/vocals) was just 15 years old when he joined The Joneses in 1967.  Brother Joe (guitar/vocals) and Marty Norris (bass/vocals) had formed the band the previous year, with Rob Zicaro (drums) coming on board prior to Jimmy's arrival.

The Joneses were regarded as the "coolest" band around by anyone's standards and were the top draw at clubs like The Seventh House in Westboro (across Rt.9 from The Westboro Speedway).

1969 - 1971:  In the fall of 1969, Marty Norris left the band to form Black Watch and was replaced by Jamie Pease.

For the next two years, The Joneses were the most popular band in Worcester County, co-headlining with Aerosmith numerous times in 1971. "The Joneses, we used to love them. They were the best band around, next to us.  That's how we thought of it. We thought these guys are going all the way and we were very surprised when that didn't happen." - Tom Hamilton / Aerosmith - Worcester Telegram / July 13, 2012

1971 - 1972:  Marty Norris returned from Detroit and rejoined the D'Angelo brothers and Zicaro when Jamie Pease joined Jon Butcher in Johanna Wild.  The Joneses were forced to change their name by the New York Musicians Union and became DNZ (as in D'Angelo, Norris, Zicaro).

Donni Thayer replaced Marty late in 1972 and the band became Mad Angel.  Jamie and Jimmy would get back together in 1978 when they formed August with Louie Santoro and Dave Amato.