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1973 - 1974:  Derek Blevins (drums) was 17 years old when he "tagged along" to Boston with his New Jersey buddies Walter Muni (vocals/bass) and Al Trover (guitar).  Walter and Al were attending Berklee College of Music, where they met Ken Stern (keyboards).  The power trio was expanded to a quartet and soon after, a quintet, with the addition of Jamie Pease (bass/vocals).  Jamie had been in Johanna Wild with Jon Butcher and was playing with (guitarist) John Kalishes when Buck went looking for a "singing bass player."  The band played extensively in the western MA and upstate New York clubs plus toured out to the Midwest where they opened for REO Speedwagon.  The Groggery was their favorite Boston club.

1975:  Derek Blevins leaves Buck to join Johanna Wild, at which point Walter and Al returned to New Jersey.  Jamie Pease keeps the name Buck and puts together a new line-up with (guitarists) Lee Vachon and Kent Pearson, plus Leo Black (drums).  The band continues to play throughout New England as well as the hot local clubs like TJ's (later The Rat), The Boston Club (now the Paradise) and Katy's.

1975:  In the fall of that year, Lee Vachon suffers a serious hand injury.  Leo Black leaves Buck and eventually would be the drummer in The Fools.  Jamie and Kent decide to give it a go as a power trio and recruit Hirsh Gardner (drums).  Hirsh had recently come to Boston from Canada and would eventually end up in the band New England.  Lee Vachon died in 2008 after a long illness.

1976: Jamie Pease and manager John Curtis travel to London, England on New Year's Eve to put together a British-American power trio.  Steve Forest (guitar) from St. Albans, England and Mick Hough (drums) from Derby, England join the band.  Steve had been in Silverhead with vocalist Michael Des Barres, which was a British glam-rock band on Deep Purple's Record Label (Purple Records).  Mick had been in Flash with two former members of Yes, Peter Banks (guitar) and Tony Kaye (keyboards). It is the Bicentennial and the "Spirit of '76" is the theme.  Two Union Jacks behind Steve and Mick, plus an American (13 star) Colonial flag behind Jamie are the backdrop for the stage.  Buck plays a series of warm-up gigs throughout England before heading back to the States, including London's Marquee Club.

1977 - 1978:  Buck releases a 45rpm on Rat Records that was produced by John Kalishes.  This photo of the trio inside the antlers of the Buck logo was the cover of the record sleeve.  The Rat(hskeller) was the club to play in Boston and had previously released a double album titled "Live at the Rat."  Artie Plummer (drums) replaces Mick Hough and Kent Pearson rejoins the band to form a four piece line-up.  Several combinations of musicians follow until Jamie Pease joins Jimmy D'Angelo in the band August.

Jamie Pease died in 2006 after an eleven year battle with cancer.


1975 - Derek Blevins (drums)
Fortune In Love

1977 - Steve Forest (guitar)
Just For You
Your Left Eye

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