Saturday, June 4, 2011

Smokin’ Joe

1971 to 1975: When Johnny Press left GNP he wanted to do more guitar oriented music. He was hanging out with Billy Squire, Aerosmith and roadie friends from GNP and listening to where they were headed. He brought in friends from his hometown who were hungry to do something.

The 1st version of Smokin'Joe included Ron Blais-vocals, Dave Pontbriand-Drums, Darryl Atanian-Bass Ken Larochelle-Guitar and Johnny Press-guitar. They were a loud and proud band. Ken eventually left and was replaced by Lee Vachon, in which many stories can be told of his time with the band. Lee and Darryl left and were replaced by Artie Johnson and Norman Lamoreaux. Ron Blais was replaced by Lil John Krazanik(LJ Krain).

This version of the band played up and down the East Coast 6 nights a week ans recorded a 5 song set of originals at Angus Studios mixed by Jesse henderson. The songs got airplay on WBCN and were brought to the attention of producer Tom Werman. Tom like the songs and thought he could make something of it..but..he really wanted a GNP reunion and thats what he was more interested in. So Smokin' Joe split up and Johnny, Artie & Dave moved onto the GNP reunion. The group was known for it's searing guitar arrangements and had a huge following in Massachusetts.


  Won't Take It

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