Wednesday, June 15, 2011


1976 (clockwise from top): Steve Neitz (bass),
Dave Amato (guitar), Tom Brodeur (drums),
 Tim Leavitt (guitar)

A kicked up full-time cover band performing tunes by Queen, Yes, Beatles, Bad Company and Led Zeppelin. For a couple of years, ICE was untouchable as a local band…literally filling night clubs all over New England with big Marshall stacks, Flying V's, synthesizers, smoke shows, great vocal harmonies, powerful guitars and expensive lights.

1979 (front to back): Lee Vachon (guitar),
 Steve Neitz (bass), Tim Leavitt (guitar),
Peter Fowler (drums)

1980 (left to right): Rick Larrimore (drums),
Tim Leavitt (guitar),  Steve Neitz (bass),
Johnny Barnes (guitar)