ERA 1983: The "Laggs Gino Vanelli/Sib Hashian Hair Loan" Years
(Backstage at Leominster Public Library)
Seated: Tim Leavitt (guitar/keys/vocals)
L to R: Steve Sabella (guitar/vocals), David "Laggs" Ciampaglia (drums)
Paul Olson (bass/vocals)

ERA 1982: The "World's Shortest Version of Circus" Day or Two

Seated: Tim Leavitt (guitar/keys/vocals)
L to R: John Foster (bass/vocals), David "Laggs" Ciampaglia (drums)
Steve Sabella (guitar/vocals)

ERA 1981: The "Project That Got Tony Jones Fired From Circus" Years

ERA 1981: The "NY Rhythm Section Mistake of 1981"
(Backstage at Timothy's Too)
L to R: Tony Genevive (drums/vocals), Tim Leavitt (guitar/keys/vocals)
Steve Sabella (guitar/vocals), Sherry Smith (vocals/keys), Tony Jones (bass/vocals)

The Fitchburg Tattler called us 
"the best band to ever have lived in rental units on Church St. in Leominster"

ERA 1980: The "Sabella/Frankie Valli" Years

Seated: Tim Leavitt (guitar/keys/vocals)
L to R: Sherry Smith (vocals/keys), Bruce "Red" Smith (bass/vocals)
Steve Sabella (guitar/vocals), David "Laggs" Ciampaglia (drums)

ERA 1978: The "Red Smith/Steve Sabella Marlo Thomas" Years

L to R (front): David "Laggs" Ciampaglia (drums), Sherry Smith (vocals/keys),
John Schuller (keys)
L to R (back):  Bruce "Red" Smith (bass/vocals), Steve Sabella (guitar/vocals), 
Danny "Liam Neeson" Ciampaglia (guitar)

ERA 1976: The "Yanni" Years
L to R (front): Steve Sabella (guitar/vocals), Keith McGrath (drums)
L to R (back): Danny "L.Neeson" Ciampaglia (guitar), Sherry Smith (vocals/keys)
Yanni, as played by Rudy Kazzooty (bass)