Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wilbur and the Dukes

Over the years, more than 250 musicians have been part of WaTD.
Members of the band have played national and international tours with Joe Cocker, Tina Turner and Bo Diddley, to name just a few!

“Most of our members are career musicians, so whenever they’re home from the road or trying out semi-retirement, they come back to the fold. We’re constantly rotating the line-up of musicians, but I can tell you one thing that never changes – We’re a rhythm and soul circus with lots of talented people having lots of fun ~ and making sure that our audience has lots of fun, too.”
“The music we play is timeless – even kids in their 20s will recognize hits like “Midnight Hour” and “It’s Your Thing” because tunes like that never go out of style and are constantly being remade – and older audience members will remember the originals and the memories will come flooding back. Rhythm and Blues never gets old, never fails to get people moving.”


Worcester Cares about Haiti Pt 16



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