Saturday, June 4, 2011


1975 to 1977: When Johnny Press, Artie Johnson and David Pontbriand left the GNP reunion band, they decided to form an eclectic all original rock act. Bringing in former Sledgehamma Keyman Rich Ramuno and former Smokin' Joe Vocalist LJ Krain completed the band.

The group played throut New England at many of the larger venues and also were known to do large outdoor parties where hundreds rocked out. They did a number of recordings at Great Northern Studios with engineer John Savignano. At the studio Johnny and Ritchie got to spend the day with the Tommy Bolin Band and watched their live broadcast over WBCN. Tommy had a huge influence on John's playing from that day on.

Dave decided to become a keyboard player and left the band. Charlie Bosselman (Chinatown Chuck) replaced Dave. Bobby Young replaced Artie on Bass, there are a number of live recordings showcasing the bans original and their musical prowess. The band Pretty Poison had broken up and approached Johnny about Paul Coxx and Donni Thayer approached Johnny about a new original project. Feeling that they were not going to get any further with Pinch, Johnny took Bobby and Dave Pontbriand with him to form a new studio project with Paul and Donni. Pinch had many memorable shows, but because they really weren't a dance band and more of a musicians band they didn't have the following required to move further


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