Wednesday, June 15, 2011


L to R: Peny Knight, Richard Parks, Dan Barnum, Tony "TJ" Jones

Hailing from the Capital District of NY, EQ toured extensively throughout NY, New England and Canada in 1980-1981.

Rising from the ashes of Kashmir, 3 of the 6 founding members of that group went on the hunt for a drummer and a lead vocalist. Thinking the need was for 2 separate people, there were a few false starts at the beginning of the band.

After finding an excellent lead singer/front person in Molly (2nd from right), it ultimately became apparent, with Penny Knight taking over vocals and the drumming duties, that a front person was no longer a need.

Being the "outside the box" thinkers they were, they posthumously released an LP called "Giving Up The Energy", which sold very well.

The remaining inventory currently resides in basements in the Northeast or has been converted into decorative clocks, wall-hangings or furniture/appliance-saving trivets.

Like moths to a flame, Penny, Richard and Tony would, in 1983, go on to form the Penny Knight Band.