Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gross National Productions

1970 - Boston: 4 Mass College of Arts students and 3 Salem State students formed Gross National Productions (GNP). The group formed from a mutual love of the Beatles, raunchy comedy and a quick way to get women. For two months they played 2 shows a night, t days a week at the Unicorn in Boston. They played shows with Sha Na Na, Jonathan Edwards, the Beacon Street Union, Badfinger, Spirit, Jeremy Steig, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Frank Zappa, the Holy Modal Rounders and many more. Their house at 700 Huntington Ave became the party house 24/7. You would find Magic Dick, Danny Klein, Skunk Baxter there at some occasions. the joint Rocked. They were signed by Metromedia records and recorded the album P-Flaps & Low Blows . the single Can't we all be Bad recieved significant airplay.

After a split from their management and having most of ther equipment stolen. the group found itself traveling coast to coast doing promo parties and eventually called it quits. they tried a revival in 1975 on the recommendation of super producer Tom Werman. This ended when certain members wanted to go a different route. The group members were Doug Stevens(Matt Maverick) who is now known as Red Peters on vocals, Joe Botti on Drums(later replaced by David Pontbriand in the reunion band), Artie Johnson on Bass, Tony Bartolini on Sax, Tom Dempsey on Trumpet, Gary Rutstein on Keys and Guitar, Jonny Press on Guitar. The group was known for being a Multimedia act, mixing Rock, Comedy and Film.



Don't Romance Me

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