About NEMO

Welcome to NEMO! The Northeast Musician's Outlet was originally put together in the spring of 2011 as a private Facebook Group to act as a conduit where those involved in the Northeast music scene in the 70's & 80's era could go to:
* Network
* Chat
* Post new (and old) music, videos and photos
* Promote whatever they are currently doing (musically)
* Buy/trade/sell equipment (or just share items you come across)
* Ask opinions on any variety of music related topics
* Post needs for any live or studio players needed for projects
* Plan future events, coordinate quickly for worthwhile causes, etc.
* Communicate quickly to a group of people who share a common bond and similar interests

The NEMO group has been an open forum for those who lived and breathed what we did back in the day. There were a lot of great people that I personally met during my trek through the Boston music scene in the 70's and 80's and I had the pleasure of sharing the stage and witnessing some amazing talent along the way. NEMO was created for those involved in the music scene from a certain era in a certain part of the country, old friends and new, to get together and benefit from association, share stories, share ideas, collaborate if anyone is so inclined, share new music / videos, get reconnected in some cases and stay connected. NEMOSITE.COM is a time capsule, so to speak, of the music, bands, and characters of an era as well as a fast-forward to what those characters have been up to, musically and otherwise.

I would like to personally thank Tony Jones for his time and effort in helping to set up this site from the many postings in our Facebook group and to also thank the hundreds of NEMO members who have contributed, and are still contributing, to paying homage to a time when vocal tracks were not processed (so you had better sing in key), when drummers were not programmed (so your stickbag better be full and handy), when PA's and lighting rigs were humped around from gig to gig by road crews who were underpaid but never underappreciated, when 45's and albums and cassettes (and yes, even 8-tracks) were bought and sold with actual cash and when songwriting was a true art form and the Northeast music scene had an amazing stable of talented artists.

I urge you to take your time and enjoy the artists and their work portrayed on this site and if you happen to remember an artist or a band from the Northeast at the time that impacted you and they are not represented here, please locate them and have them contact us so that their piece of history is documented here.

Scott Hanley
NEMO founder
March 6, 2011