Hailing from cities around the Capital District of NY, Kashmir played the New England/NY/Canada club circuit while refusing to play "Cocaine", "Free Bird" or anything else anyone even remotely wanted to hear, outside of the musicians that happened to come to our gigs on their off nights to listen to our Ambrosia, UK, ELP, Genesis, Yes, JoJo Gunne, Todd Rundgren's Utopia, Kansas and ... ok, we caved and played Styx and The Cars covers ... but none of their hits, dammit!

1977-1979 (v1.0): L to R - Tony Jones (bass), Richie Dewing (vocals), Ted Shippey (guitar), Dan Barnum (keys), Leo Edmunds (drums), Richard Parks (guitar).

- Ted was so happy to be a member of Kashmir that, in this photo, he decided to choke on his own vomit. Ironically, he was not much of a Hendrix fan.

1979-1980 (v2.1): L to R - Dan Barnum (keys), Richie Dewing (vocals), Tony Jones (bass), Dan Bobeck (drums),  Richard Parks (guitar).

Richie (2nd from left) doing the timeless Hasselhof breath-hold.

1980 (v3.0): L to R - Dan Bobeck (drums), Dan Barnum (keys), Bobbie Vandetta (vocals/guitar), Tony Jones (bass). The band that never was ...



Alaska (UK cover) / Life Beyond L.A. (Ambrosia cover)
Light Up (Styx cover) 
Abandon City (Utopia cover)
The Mandatory Frankenstein (Edgar Winter cover)
Squonk/Los Endos (Genesis cover)
Turn Me On (Tubes cover)-Wishbone Ash Snippet-Open Fire Snippet (Ronnie Montrose)- I Got The Fire (Montrose cover)-Nothing To Lose (UK cover)