Saturday, June 4, 2011

Johnny Press Mess

Johnny Press had not picked up a guitar or listened to music for over 12 yrs after an industrial accident had injured him severely. Friends started coming to his house wanting him to play. Bobby Young actually started bringing amps over to get him to start playing again. Johnny finally took his guitar from his case after 12 yrs..and it was in perfect tune..ahhh a sign.

Johnny started playing with the Peabody brothers in Blue Steele and then in the band Soulshaker. Johnny also hosted , along with George McCann, The American Blues Jam webcast every Thursday night. Finally feeling ready to do a band right, he contacted Ed Peabody, Tony Carminatti, Ed Peabody and Gary Cordeiro to form the Johnny Press Mess.

Gary left and has been replace by the great key man Larry Parquette.Tthey are a Blues, Rock & Funk band that highlights the musicianship of all the players. A Hardworking totally professional group who are pleasing audiences in New England. 

Future recordings and CD's are next on the list. This band has become a great vehicle for all members to showcase their abilities.


Forever Man (Live)

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