Wednesday, June 1, 2011


 1983-1985: Johnny Press was starving and struggling to put together an all original rock act. He wanted his dream band. Finally getting management with The Philips group (family). He put together a group that included Bobby Edwards (Thundertrain), John Foster (Bass) Jay Dumas (Guitars) and himself on guitar. Writing songs every day, he had enough material for a couple of albums, REO Speedwagon guitarist Dave Amato sang 7 tunes and played guitar on a couple for demo's mixed by engineer John Convertino. Dave also brought Yale Beebee, keyboardist extraordinaire, aboard. Dave went back to the west coast, and after extensive auditions the band found singer Phil Balzano, a truly gifted singer. Jay Dumas was now gone also, so John handled all the guitar chores himself now.

The group spent most of it's time writing and recording their music. when they did appear live it was usually at the best venues ( the Channel, the Paradise, Bunrattys etc.). They had gained a huge following and recieved great reviews and airplay. Many thought they were going to be the next big Boston signing. As with all bands their was some friction between members and management. management dropped some of the artist until only Johnny was left.  Eventually dropping him as well. They all remain friends and have a mutual respect for what they accomplished together. The band also had a video out for their single Chic for Now that recieved national play.

  Chic For Now

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