Dark Horse

Photo above is left-Brian Kimball on guitar, top-Joe Reilly on bass, right-Monk Moran on drums, lower-Kevin Vicalvi on guitar & keys

Based in Shrewsbury, Mass. School friends in the late 1960‘s, Brian Kimball, Joe Reilly and Mike “Monk” Moran were the core of the band playing guitar, bass and drums and several 4th members over the years made for different incarnations.

They were booked by Campus Services and played the bar and college circuit along with bands like Circus and Fate. A brown-painted school bus was modified to haul band gear in the back while the front half had couches and a table. The tales of things that happened in that bus would fill a book.

Ian Macconnell, Keys (lower left in photo)

Here’s an old live recording from the 70’s with Steve Salem on keys. They were playing a Jethro Tull medley. There may be a few gaffs but they played incredibly fast and tight and the crowd was enthralled.